Battery Algorithms Engineer (BMS)

About Desten Group

DESTEN was founded in 2015 to change the global energy landscape; supporting green renewable energy integration in the fields of energy storage, electric vehicles and charging technologies.

DESTEN’s holding company, DESTEN International Inc., a US based corporation, is in the process of establishing a new US Headquarters, with operational competency moving shifting westward to both Dubai in the UAE, and the US. DESTEN is comprised of an energetic and international team, focused on business development, technology integration and corporate management.

DESTEN’s custom-tailored battery chemistries have solved many of the critical battery market challenges. DESTEN’s proprietary battery Formulations significantly outperforms in power density, charge rate, lifecycle, thermal stability, and breadth of application in a wide range of operating temperatures. Further, DESTEN batteries have been tested and certified by several independent and trusted institutions. DESTEN is well positioned to be the market leader for energy storage and energy transfer providing an end to end solution.

Job Description:

  • Design, validate, and enhance battery management system (BMS) for electric vehicles and Energy Storage Systems
  • Be responsible for prototyping, integrating, testing and validation of BMS solutions
  • Contribute to drivetrain and vehicle level integrations from prototype to production
  • Work on projects will range from cell capacity, impedance, energy, and degradation estimation to diagnostics of sensors, cells and battery pack components 
  • Create and integrate models, define algorithms, write testing code, and evaluate the performance of algorithms throughout the life of the product
  • Collaborate with systems and architecture engineer(s) to derive software level requirements and apply these understandings accordingly
  • Apply lessons learned to future designs and firmware implementations
  • Work closely with mechanical design, manufacturing and supply chain to bring the product into mass production

Individual Requirements:

  • Greater than 3 years of experience with battery algorithm design and BMS implementation in the battery and/or electric vehicle industries
  • Ph.D. or master’s in engineering from a renowned university
  • Solid background in electronics components and circuits
  • Hands on experience for hardware development and troubleshooting
  • Experience in PCB design, using schematic capture and layout tools
  • Experience with modelling of lithium ion cells
  • Highly experienced with programming and embedded systems
  • Capable of analyzing algorithm performance in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Strong communication and preference for working in teams
  • Basic experience, understanding, and intuition for the electrochemical physics of lithium ion cells
  • Experience in specifying or executing tests on cells and cell related components in a laboratory environment
  • Understanding of diagnostic techniques for cells and battery pack components
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; reliant on core engineering principles & common sense
  • Strong communication, multitasking, & interpersonal skills, both in presentation & technical writing
  • Versed in production development & testing timelines
  • Previous experience with product launches and working to a tight schedule
  • Willingness to travel as needed to project sites (Mainland China and Europe, USA and Middle East)