Our company was founded to disrupt the Lithium-ion industry based on advancements in production techniques alongside material discovery and formulation, derived from nearly a decade of R&D. These advancements form the platform for DESTEN’s radical battery breakthroughs.

In 2017, DESTEN produced, tested and validated the world’s first 10C charging battery technology, capable of charging to 80% SOC in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. DESTEN’s Ultra-Fast charging battery technology has been integrated into Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles which are in operation today. DESTEN has since developed a number of high performance Lithium-ion battery innovations comprising both high power NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) and high energy density LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cell technologies to address the broad needs of the market. DESTEN has recently reached the double-digit MWh production capacity milestone, as we work to bring our cell innovations to our partners.
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Chairman’s Message

DESTEN has been on a mission to revolutionize the energy storage and mobility industries since its inception. Our next-generation, proven, battery cell technology will transform the energy sector by making energy storage more efficient, powerful, reliable and safe, all of which are critical to our future energy economy.

Our battery cell technology enables the mobility sector to charge faster, go farther, last longer and operate safely. Meeting the requirements for broader market adoption helps reduce emissions, bringing us closer to a lower carbon future.

Desten’s overall strategy was and is to address the pain points across the energy ecosystem. We believe we must have a cleaner source of electricity from the grid; otherwise, emissions reductions will not be attainable. Desten battery technology’s competitive advantage will increase the penetration of renewable energy sources.

Our philosophy is to achieve broader adoption, to do that, we must overcome range and charging time anxiety. Our battery technology achieves the fastest charging time of any lithium-ion battery globally, allowing Desten to resolve these key adoption challenges.

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies are part of our DNA. We believe in protecting our planet and being a good corporate citizen to our stakeholders and society. To maximize shareholder value over the long term, Desten is taking a more incisive approach to the risks and opportunities faced by nascent supply chains, production processes and logistics networks.

Our passion is to make the world a better place.

ESG: Environmental, Society & Governance Strategy

Committed to sustainability, it's what we do.

The world is changing to better account for our impacts upon our environmental and ecological capital. Old approaches to pollution have become untenable in the face of concern for our collective well-being.

Overcoming these challenges is critical to protecting humanity’s most vulnerable communities, improving global respiratory health outcomes, securing the natural world’s habitats, and avoiding the burden of catastrophic climate change upon our economies. This transformation is reflected acutely in the most fundamental of industries, energy. Advancements in renewable generation resources and battery technologies have heralded a new opportunity to abate our impact and change how we interact with energy.

Environmental and Ecological sustainability plays a key role in DESTEN’s mission to expedite the transition to renewable energy and electric mobility. DESTEN’s cell technologies make Battery Electric Vehicles more acceptable for drivers and support grids in the integration of renewable energy, reducing our dependency upon fast-ramping but polluting incumbents like Fossil Fuels, by transitioning to powerful BESS. Sustainability is at the core of who we are and why we innovate because better batteries are better for everyone.

A Socially Responsible Corporation

We make sure we do our part across the entire value-chain, ensuring the communities that contribute to our success are respected and looked after in return.

We are building an inclusive organisation, bringing together people from all walks of life, backgrounds and talents. Today, our organisation is built upon a diverse team from all over the globe.

Our suppliers, employees and management are committed to safety and responsible conduct to ensure that everything we do is to the highest standards.

We are also working to include volunteering opportunities as a core part of our presence, wherever we have a footprint, to make sure our local community gets to know us, and we them.

Governance, a byword for success

We single-mindedly pursue our mission to change the face of energy; to execute this we are building an experienced team of advisors to support and guide our board and management team, ensuring we are structured to succeed.

By setting standards at the top and putting our best foot forward, we are building a company based on accountability to our employees, suppliers, customers, and most importantly, our community.

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Batteries Built for Better

With Ultra-Fast Charging, DESTEN battery technologies overcome two key drawbacks associated with EVs today – Charging Anxiety and Range Anxiety. Under 5-minute charging enables drivers to reach their destination without concern for how long they may need to wait for their car to charge during their journey, preserving established driving cultures and making EVs a more acceptable option for all, expanding adoption.

Ultra-Fast Charging batteries present a new opportunity to change how we design and make EVs. The need to drive 300 Miles on a single charge is overcome by Under-5-minute charging. The majority of consumer demand can be met with better infrastructure and smaller packs, reducing – on a per-vehicle basis – the amount of scarce battery materials and CO2 Emissions, while making EVs more affordable for consumers, increasing the demand for EVs relative to more-expensive-to-run ICE vehicles.

Our high thermal stability and long-lifecycle technologies ensure EVs stay on the road longer than alternative Li-ion technologies. Batteries which outlast their original EV applications can go on to perform useful tasks in our fight against climate change, as second-life batteries form a low-cost platform for BESS capacity.

Better batteries, built with cleaner production techniques

DESTEN battery technology presents an opportunity to improve not only the way we drive EVs or integrate renewable energy but also the way we make batteries.

The global battery supply chain is characterised by environmentally damaging resource extraction and the production of battery cells in jurisdictions with high proportions of base power sourced from coal-fired power plants.

DESTEN is committed to accessing the most sustainably sourced materials, taking advantage of recycled resource inputs recovered from our manufacturing processes, reducing pollutants and securing resources critical to our supply chain. We will meet our energy needs entirely from renewable sources by locating our factories in areas with high proportions of renewable energy and purchasing renewable power from local providers.

By consistently utilizing renewably generated power, grid operators are provided an extra degree of certainty, that where there is renewable energy available, there is a load to allocate it to – further supporting the integration of renewables and avoiding curtailment of renewable generation resources.

Our Team

DESTEN retains a strong team of globally experienced executives to bring our clients truely market leading technology.

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Board of Directors


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Advisory Board

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Chief Executive Officer

Bader Al-Rezaihan

Bader Al-Rezaihan is an experienced Founder, Financier and Philanthropist. Bader established Mawarid Holdings, a Private Equity and financing organisation based in Kuwait, which has grown to hold a diverse portfolio of companies spanning North America, Asia and Europe.

Prior to joining DESTEN Inc. as CEO, Bader has held several leaderships positions across numerous industries as a Co-founder, Chairman and Director. Bader’s broad base of experience across Telecommunications, Smart Vertical Farming, Digital Transformation, Defence and Aeronautics, International Finance, and Philanthropy.

Bader’s strong and diverse base of experience has formed a platform to unlock incredible value for DESTEN Inc. in development of new commercial and investment opportunities.

Education: Woodbury University, California (BA, MBA)

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Chief Innovation Officer

Thomas Gerhard Wilhelm Damitz

Thomas Gerhard Wilhelm Damitz is an accomplished entrepreneur in the field of electrical engineering across materials, components and battery technology platforms. Thomas has led large teams in R&D and series production across battery materials, electronic components, prototypes and finished technology products.

Prior to founding DESTEN Inc. Thomas has lead numerous enterprises centring around Research and Development in communications, advanced security systems and energy technologies in Europe and Asia.

Thomas’ strengths in the fields of material science and electrical engineering provide an robust basis for continuous innovation around DESTEN’s portfolio of advanced energy technologies.

Education: University of Applied Sciences, Dusseldorf (Dip. Engineering)

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Chief Financial Officer

Fabian Wiedemann

Fabian Wiedemann is an entrepreneurial investment professional with distinguished experience in Banking and Wealth Management Industry, Fin-Tech and Technology Start-ups as well as E-Mobility and Renewable Energy in Asia and Europe.

Fabian’s experience covers over 15 years’ spanning across industries, globally, a passionate driver of large-scale transformation initiatives and with strong ties in the Asian Start-Up Ecosystem.

Education: Steinbeis University Berlin (BA), City University of Hong Kong (MSc)

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Chief Operations Officer

Akbar Bokhari

Akbar Bokhari is an accomplished senior executive with experience managing both public listed and private enterprises and organisations across various industries. Akbar retains substantial international experience having worked at, and managed, businesses in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Turkey.

Prior to DESTEN Inc., Akbar was the chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Amwal International Investment Co., a Middle East based publicly listed investment company. Under his leadership the company experienced significant growth and was subsequently exited by its shareholders at a significant premium to its share price.

Akbar has significant private equity and investment banking experience. He was a private equity investor with Eastgate Capital, the $3 billion Dubai based private equity arm of SNB bank. He started his career as an investment banker with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

Education: McGill University (BCom), Charted Accountant (Canada)

Alasdair Pocock e1679933860422 - Our Company
Head of Business Development – International

Alasdair Pocock

Alasdair Pocock is an experienced business development and marketing executive, active in the lithium ion industry for 5+ years, particularly focused on development of Asian and European markets for DESTEN’s advanced lithium-ion cell products.

Prior to joining DESTEN Inc., Alasdair was the Digital Asset Economist and Co-founder at CryptAM, a Hong Kong based digital asset fund and boutique investment house. Alasdair’s role primarily concerned the research and analysis of digital assets as they pertain to the fund’s investment universe, leading the development of in-house research and conducting speaking engagements as a digital asset thought leader.

Education: The University of Hong Kong (MSc), The University of Aberdeen (MA)

Conrado Rodrigues scaled e1679933942758 - Our Company
Head of Business Development – US

Conrado Rodrigues

Conrado Rodrigues is a global energy executive with 15+ years of power industry experience throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Conrado’s past leadership roles include business development and project management with GE Power, On.Energy BESS, Siemens, Caterpillar, Petrobras, and major utilities.

Prior to joining Desten Group, Conrado was the VP of Business Development – North America, of the multinational company On.Energy BESS, where he originated and executed the company’s first energy storage project with a US developer.

Conrado’s background also includes vast experience in the global Oil&Gas industry, where he has worked in 12 countries helping Oil&Gas entities achieve cleaner energy solutions.

Education: University of Florida (B.S), GSINC/GE Houston Training Center.

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