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DESTEN is on a mission to reshape how the world interacts with energy.

Our robust battery portfolio was created to promote the electrification of the energy sector — with a hyperfocus on our power infrastructures and the way we move. From reimagining how we charge our cars, to how we store energy, our innovative work is paving the way toward a low-carbon world.
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NMC+ - 19Ah Ultra-Fast Charging Pouch Cell

charging from 0-80% Capacity
Temperature Delta at 5-min charging
(Ambient Temperature, 25°C)
Estimated Total Lifetime Range
for a 500km range vehicle
High Energy Density
Double the Density of LTO technologies

Next generation battery

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Our Technology

Technologies to unlock the full potential of energy

Our broad portfolio of battery technologies are revolutionising the way we store and use energy with market leading performance characteristics.

NMC – 19Ah Ultra-Fast Charging Pouch Cell

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Our Top Tier Charging Performance

LFP – 22Ah Ultra-Fast Charging Pouch Cell

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NMC – 32Ah Ultra-Fast Charging Pouch Cell

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Game-changing EV Performance

NMC – 5Ah Ultra-Fast Discharge Pouch Cell

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Outstanding Power Performance and Density

NMC – 35Ah All Round Performance Pouch Cell

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All Round Performance Pouch Cell

Mobility + Energy Infrastructure Impact

The promotion of EV adoption and low-carbon grids is predicated upon access to high power, energy dense, long lifecycle battery technologies.

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Near-Instantaneous Charging

No more Range & Charging anxiety. With DESTEN Fast charging technologies, we reduce charging times and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility, creating an experience more aligned with today’s driving culture.

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Maximize Renewable Integration

Providing accessible, long lasting, highly energy dense battery storage plays a major role in eliminating the challenges faced by our grids in meeting our daily energy needs.

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Robust Power Infrastructure

With ever-growing demand for electricity, and a reduction in flexible fossil fuel power resources, augmenting our power infrastructures with massive, instantly available power will eliminate brown-outs and load shedding. This will unlock access to continuous, reliable power — whenever it’s needed.

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Electricity infrastructures are not equipped to accommodate universal EV ownership. By supporting the transition from charging our cars in our homes to gas stations with Battery-supported EV chargers, our grid can integrate more electric vehicles, more quickly.

Our Production Capacity

DESTEN’s Chemistry-Agnostic Production Process has achieved the MWh-scale capacity milestone, with GWh-scale capacity on the horizon.
2017 – 2019

More than a Lab Sample

DESTEN has been producing Ultra-Fast charging batteries since 2017, forming a platform for production process design improvement.

2019 – 2022


Our R&D line has expanded to double-digit MWh capacity, demonstrating and validating our production process approach.

2022 – 2030

GWh-scale capacity

To meet the growing need for batteries, DESTEN will soon begin development of our first 2.9GWh production line based our initial factory design, with further expansion to meet client demand.

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